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Silguero murder

Silguero murder

Will the individual who once contacted me about this story please contact me again to receive the remainder of his article. – Norman Rozeff

Valley Morning Star, Harlingen

May 15, 1954 Saturday Front Page

Mexican Faces Murder Charge in Gun Slaying

An 18-year old Mexican alien was in county jail at Brownsville Friday charged with the murder in connection with the ambush slaying of Geraldo Silguera 54, well-to-do Stuart Place farmer.
The complaint was filed here in the justice of peace court of Jake Childress. Bond was set at $5,000. "Murder with malice" was the charge read.
In a signed statement to Assistant District Attorney Darrell Hester, the grey-eyed Flores described by officers as "half-pint" in size, said he shot Silguero, his boss.

Patrolman Tells About Capture

County Highway Patrolman Doug Sanders revealed Friday that he and other officers who captured 18-year old Juan Flores, confessed slayer of G. Silguero, La Feria farmer, came within an inch if letting the fugitive escape.
Sadler said credit for the youth's capture should go to Constable Pablo Lopez of La Feria. "Lopez knows his business.", Sadler said.
Along with Sadler and Lopez was County Highway Patrolman H.C. Dierks. They set up a watch early Thursday night at a wetback camp south of Highway 83 between Harlingen and La Feria, about ¾ mile from the scene of the slaying. "We figured he might try to slip back to the shack where he had been staying and so we hid out." Sadler said. "Hours passed and we were just about decided that he was on his way to the river and was not coming back."
"Then we decided we'd have a look inside the house. Nothing struck our eyes and we decided to leave."
"But Pablo thought he have a look behind some stacked beehive boxes. A box was pulled back and there the kid was. He had been asleep."
"We asked him why he came back to the house and didn't strike out for Mexico. He told us that just before he opened fire, he told Silguero 'You won't slap me around again.'. "

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